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The global movement for economic equality and true democracy has caught fire in our city.  From Wall St. to Bay St., the corporations and greed-afflicted people who are manipulating our governments are now in the cross-hairs of the people paying the consequences of living in an inhuman and failing system.  We are sick and tired of being enslaved to our debts, our rent, our mortgages, with so many of us struggling, hungry and homeless in this world while billions change hands on the stock markets every day between a tiny group of privileged individuals and corporate entities.

The current economic meltdown is but one symptom of a broken system that is tearing apart and poisoning the natural life support systems of this Earth, and driving more and more of our relations into extinction.

What are we going to do about it?  How are we going to change the world to bring about a just society and transform our way of life into one that is in balance with the umbillical chords of life our Mother Earth blesses us with?  Come out to the park and join the discussion (St. James Park at the corner of Jarvis and King) let’s OCCUPY TORONTO, let’s free ourselves from wage slavery, poverty and debt.  Let’s kick this millionaire pig out of the mayor’s office and start creating a city we can be proud to live in, stay in the loop thru Occupy Toronto’s Website, or on Facebook

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…As we regroup our movement towards growing a Toronto we can all breathe easily and freely in, please take a moment so sign and spread the Toronto Clean Air Act

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